How to configure awesomewm as quickly as possible


Personally I don't care about how my desktop looks, so a simple dwm setup is good enough for me!

But it's always better to look better, right?

The Theme

The theme I'm using is called Multicolor which is available in awesome-copycats.

It's easy to just follow the steps and set things up, and the only thing I do care about is the keybindings, because I have a very personalized way of using my computers and I'd like to emulate that on whatever window manager I'm using and here is how I do it:


sxhkd stands for "Simple X Hot Key Daemon". It's a window manager independent tool to manage my important keybindings(other keybindings are handled by awesomewm), which is also free and open source.

Here is the content of my sxhkd config file at ~/.config/sxhkd/sxhkdrc:

super + Escape
    pkill -USR1 -x sxhkd # reload sxhkd
super + s
super + Return
    $TERMINAL # currently alacritty
super + d
super + e
super + w
    $BROWSER # currently firefox

Ofc I won't bind these keys in rc.lua(the awesomewm configuration file). And I just use whatever window manager like they are just a sxhkd theme lmaooo.


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